Getting to Know Nutt Road

Nutt Road Overlooking Seneca

Nutt Road Vineyard The geographic outlier within the vineyards we work with at Red Newt, Nutt Road Vineyard is farmed by our dear friends the Martini family on the Northwest […]

The Winery Laboratory

Kelby Russell in the lab

Welcome to the spiritual and physical center of the cellar, the lab! In this cozy cornerof the cellar, tucked away behind tanks and barrels, is where Kelby and Meagz can […]

A View From the Cellar …

view of cellar tanks and drains

Today’s ‘View from the Cellar’ is starting with a look from the very bottom: our drains. While they may not be picturesque, at least not in a classical way, they […]

Getting to know Tango Oaks Vineyard

tractor in vineyard

Tango Oaks Vineyard Tango Oaks Vineyards is located less than one half mile downslope from the Red Newt Cellars Winery and Bistro, on Seneca Lake’s Southeast side. A truly unique […]

View from the Cellar

wine barrels and filter

Notes from a cellar dweller… Greetings from the Red Newt Cellar! Over the coming weeks, we’re going to use Thursday as our excuse to give a mini-tour of the cellar […]

Wine Stories – the KNOLL

Lahoma Vineyards & the Knoll This tasting was live on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 If you missed the live stream, you can watch the recorded version archived on watch on […]

Lahoma Vineyards – an Introduction

Home of “the Knoll” Lahoma is a vineyard that is close to Red Newt as the crow flies, at just over three miles away. Do not be fooled, however! Situated […]

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