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Red Newt has been making wine in the Finger Lakes for over 25 years. With the expertise of our founding winemaker, David Whiting, and lead winemaker Christina Zapel, we will work with our clients to produce an outstanding product. Our small, hands-on team pays attention to every detail and ensures the finished product is what our clients envision. From harvest to bottling, we provide excellent customer service and flexibility. Contact us today to see what we can create with you!

Custom Crush

From whole cluster pressing to overnight cold soaks, we customize fruit processing based on our clients’ needs and desires. For both large and small-scale clients, we can process and gently press the fruit. In addition, we offer DE filtration on freshly pressed juice lees to increase total usable gallons. 

  • 4300 L Willmes Merlin membrane press for whites and reds
  • Small 1-ton basket press for red must
  • Destemmed, crushed, whole berry, or whole cluster options for pressing
  • Overnight or multi-day cold soaks
  • Large and small-lot wines welcome
  • Optional DE filtration of juice lees
  • Dedication to sanitation to control wine spoilage organisms


 Our team of fermentation experts will carefully manage each fermentation using daily Brix and temperature checks, proper cap management techniques, and appropriately timed nutrient additions. 

  • Fully jacketed stainless steel closed-top tanks in various sizes
  • State-of-the-art glycol chiller to control temperatures on tanks
  • Daily Brix and Temp checks
  • Variety of fermentation activities performed – rack-and-return, punchdowns, pumpovers, extended maceration, cold soak
  • In-house lab analysis: Titratable acidity, pH, residual sugar, alcohol, and malolactic fermentation
  • Tank and barrel ferments


Whether wines are in tank or in barrel, we will expertly manage maintenance over the winter. Regular analysis and topping ensure the wines maintain their quality throughout the year until they are bottled. 

  • Monthly analysis and free sulfur maintenance to ensure wines are protected from spoilage
  • Barrel steaming performed to ensure proper sanitation of all barrels
  • Regular, bi-weekly topping to protect wines from volatile acidity and oxidation

Filtration & Bottling

Our in-house bottling line can accommodate Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Hock-style bottles, with either a screwcap or cork finish. We can filter, bottle, label and palletize your wines.

  • In-house plate-and-frame filter
  • Pre-bottling filtration and bottling-day sterile filtration
  • In-house bottling line
  • Hock, Bordeaux or Burgundy bottles
  • Cork or screw-cap closures

Winemaking Consulting

While we work with all clients and their winemakers to craft wines to their liking, we offer winemaking consulting services to those without a defined idea of what wines they wish to create.

  • Winemaking consulting services are available for those without a winemaker or winemaking protocols.

Contact us today to see what we can do together. Send an email to crush@rednewt.com or fill out the form below.

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