Notes from a cellar dweller…

Greetings from the Red Newt Cellar! Over the coming weeks, we’re going to use Thursday as our excuse to give a mini-tour of the cellar we call home, and what ‘cellarwork’ actually means.

First things first, the Red Newt Cellar is legitimately just that: a cellar. Where ‘cellar’ now is colloquially used to refer to any winery production area, in the case of Red Newt our cellar is directly under your feet if you come to visit our tasting room. As owner and Founding Winemaker Dave alluded to with his Red Newt memory on Wednesday, this building was designed with the best of 1970s-era winery architecture in mind. That’s a polite way of noting that there are some… quirks… in the design that present our team with some distinct challenges.

But you know what? We love our cellar – quirks and all! And in some very fundamental ways, those design choices from forty years ago still have key impacts on our wines, and the ‘Red Newt style.’

Call it terroir, cellar-oir, or not: we call it home. Can’t wait to share more next week!

Kelby, Meagz, and James

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