A Cellar View – Bravo James!

wine cellar worker

Bravo James! Welcome back to the cellar on – what we hope is – the last chilly week of the spring! Not that we have anything against working in the […]

Our Memories

sunset over fall vineyard

Your Memories Often we equate memories with milestones of success or celebration. Yet, the thing about memories is that sometimes they are fickle. Sudden changes in circumstances generate even greater […]

A View from the Cellar #7

Working with Snow Covered Tanks

Greetings from the Cellar!    ….okay, fine.  This isn’t a photo from today.  But as many of you likely know all too well, the weather today is less than ideal […]

A View From the Cellar #6

ice on tank

Ice, Ice, Baby! Welcome back to the Cellar, where this Friday finds us midstream in another part of our ‘weekly wine maintenance’ program.  What is this mysterious – and very […]

Getting to Know Curry Creek

gewurztraminer grapes

Curry Creek – Gewurztraminer! Curry Creek Vineyard is a Red Newt monopole (a vineyard site exclusive to our winery), owned and farmed by John and Allison Santos.  With a particular […]

Keeping Up with the Lees

meagz in barrels feature

Routine Lees Maintenance!   It’s time for another Cellar Friday!  And Friday’s in the Cellar often mean it is time for our weekly wine-maintenance tasks.  Much like keeping your car […]

Getting to Know Glacier Ridge

Glacier Ridge Rows

Glacier Ridge Vineyard Glacier Ridge Vineyards is a small, perfectly manicured vineyard located roughly one mile north of Red Newt on the south east side of Seneca Lake.  The steep […]

(Cold) Hands-on in the Cellar

cellarworker and tanks

It’s time for another Cellar Friday! While we had planned on another post about the lab and the work that happens inside it, an exciting development has cut the queue. […]

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