It’s time for another Cellar Friday! While we had planned on another post about the lab and the work that happens inside it, an exciting development has cut the queue. It also happens to be an exciting development that is… not particularly photogenic.

Instead, we give you Meagz! Specifically, we give you Meagz opening up the chilling lines to a very special tank of Riesling: The Knoll. Special wines often end up in these smaller tanks in our cellar. These tanks give us the right fit for the wine’s limited production, as well as give us a bit more hands-on control. And for chilling, it is very hands on indeed: we manually attach and open lines to a back plate on the tank that allows chilled glycol to flow through.

While that is all pretty stock-standard, sometimes chilling is special. Sometimes, the chilling is because we’ve decided the ferment inside the tank is ready to be stopped. By chilling the ferment for a few days, we are able to slow down and stop the yeast inside from fermenting the wine any further. It is a momentous day, anytime. But for our grandest wine, it marks the end of a nearly six month fermentation, and a job well done. #sighofrelief #sleepwell #jobdone

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