Home of “the Knoll”

Lahoma is a vineyard that is close to Red Newt as the crow flies, at just over three miles away. Do not be fooled, however! Situated on the opposite side of Seneca Lake from the winery, growers Ken and Harlan Fulkerson know it is a much longer drive than three miles to reach Red Newt from their property. The payoff is worth it, however, as Lahoma showcases 20 acres of quintessential Finger Lakes Riesling on a series of rolling hills. At a higher elevation than most vinifera vineyards, Lahoma is above the ‘shale line’ that dominates most vineyards near it. Instead, it features rare, sandstone-derived soils (Dunkirk and Odessa) that lend themselves to an opulent and fruit-dense expression of Riesling. This weight and power are quintessential ‘Lahoma’ to us, and beyond the Single Vineyard bottlings that bear its name, Riesling from this site underpins many of our classic Red Newt styles.

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