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-Glorious Gewurz!

Available:  Only 2 left in stock $120.00
Size: 4125 ml

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We love Gewurztraminer! And I mean we really really really love Gewurztraminer, and we want you to as well. This package contains 6 glorious bottles of Gewurztraminer, from three vintages, and two vineyard sites.

2012 Gewurztraminer - Curry Creek Vineyards

Lychee and rose petal

RS: 1.7% TA: 5.3 g/l pH: 3.6 ALC: 13.5%

2012 Gewurztraminer - Sawmill Creek Vineyards

Exquisite spice and complexity

RS: 2.5% TA: 5.0 g/L pH: 3.7 ALC: 13.6%

2013 Gewurztraminer - Curry Creek Vineyards

Opulent and generous in floral in fruit characteristics

RS: 0.7% TA: 4.6 g/L pH: 3.44 ALC: 13.9%

2013 Gewurztraminer - Sawmill Creek Vineyards

An exuberant expression of the perfume and richness we love in Gewurz

RS: 1.3% TA: 4.5 g/l pH: 3.37 ALC: 13.2%

2013 Gewurztraminer Essence - Laboratory Series

Ethereal, sweet, and rich. Enjoy chilled alone, or with company. Anytime.

RS: 13.6% TA: 3.0 g/L pH: 3.66 ALC: 16.5%

2014 Gewurztraminer - Curry Creek Vineyards

slightly drier than the other vintages of Gewurztraminer which highlights the bold spiciness of the grape

RS: 0.5% TA: 4.65 g/L pH: 3.4 ALC: 13.2%


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