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Blue Newt White

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Size: 750 ml
This wine showcases the traditional Niagara flavor while retaining a crisp, clean finish. If you are looking for a juicy glass of wine then go no further, this wine hits the spot. Usually harvested between September 10th-22nd, two to three weeks before the rest of Red Newt’s harvest. At that point the Niagara smells beautifully of grapes, if allowed to ripen further an unpleasant muskiness can set in. Niagara ripens so well and so early there is generally no weather issues to speak of, even rain just delays harvest a day or two. Jokingly, the only weather issue could be that the grapes ripen before we are ready for harvest to start.

RS: 5.2% TA: 8.0 g/l pH: 3.0 ALC: 11.0%

Varietal: Niagara

Wine Type: White


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