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2012 Curry Creek - Gewurztraminer

Available:  In Stock $24.00
Size: 750 ml

Curry Creek Vineyard always delivers a Gewurztraminer for those who love Gewurztraminer. Opulent, rich, generous in floral and fruit characters; this is an exuberant expression of the perfume and richness that we love in Gewurztraminer. We hope you also find this wine a bold expression of the grape, the 2012 growing season, and the hard work and dedication of growers John and Allison Santos. Curry Creek Vineyards is managed to allow for maximum canopy area and minimal spraying. The fruiting zone is kept open to reduce disease pressure while the trellising reaches quite high for more leaf area and better ripening of the fickle Gewurztraminer grapes. If it is possible to have too perfect of weather for harvest, 2012 may have pushed those limits. Warm, sunny, and dry nearly every day allowed for picking on whichever date was deemed best. The largest concern, as is always the case with Gewurztraminer, is bee and wasp damage as the grapes' floral aromas attract their attention. An extremely early budbreak, nearly a month ahead of schedule, managed to avoid all frost and deliver a long, warm, and even growing season. Adequate rainfall throughout prevented drought stress despite the heat. On September 20th, the grapes were machine picked just before sunrise on a cold morning to allow for natural cold soaking of juice with skins. Perfectly ripe fruit a healthy pink color and redolent of lychee and rose upon arrival to the winery.

RS: 1.7% TA: 5.3 g/l pH: 3.6 ALC: 13.5%

Varietal: Gewurztraminer

Vintage: 2012

Wine Type: White


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