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-Berserk for Riesling!

Available:  Sold Out $120.00
Size: 4500 ml

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  •  If you thought “Riesling” when you saw “Finger Lakes” - this is the six pack for you! Six of our very best examples of what this amazing grape can do in our terroir, running from bone dry right through spätlese, we can think of no better argument for how diverse and beautiful Finger Lakes Riesling is. While there are gems in here of such small production we’ve never even sent them out, the 2017 Knoll is notable as the wine that will be featured by Jancis Robinson at her Riesling Master of Wine Seminar this July. But these six wines, particularly their age and 2x2x2 vintage companions, are a masterclass all their own.

    • 2013 Reserve Riesling - A multi-vineyard blend to make the best Dry Riesling we possibly could, a Finger Lakes classic.
    • 2013 Lahoma Vineyards Riesling - Killer Kabinett juice.
    • 2014 Bullhorn Creek Vineyard Riesling - A vineyard that has since been ripped out for being too high elevation and marginal, but when it hit it delivered a spicy dry Riesling like no other.
    • 2014 Sawmill Creek Vineyard “North Block” Riesling - One of my favorite spätlese that I’ve ever made.
    • 2017 Tango Oaks Vineyard Riesling - Now our 1-B wine overall, this is just about as good as Dry Riesling gets in the Finger Lakes…
    • 2017 The Knoll Riesling - …except for The Knoll. Our Grand Champion, it’s taken us across the world.

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