Giorgia Popermhem Harvest Intern 2021 Giorgia hails from Brooklyn, New York. Academically, Giorgia’s background is Communications/Communication Design but for the past few years she’s been working in hospitality and wine retail. Those experiences piqued an interest in how wine was made. So, what to do next? She says, “I’d been wanting to work harvest for a while and figured why not show some love to my home state, which just so happens to have an awesome, up and coming wine region.” Riesling was Giorgia’s first true love. When she was younger, she would sit at her parent’s restaurant, and sample the Rieslings. Now I love it because it’s so versatile and can be made in a wide range of styles (also all the more reason to come to the FLX!). Harvest snacks are essential. Ask assistant winemaker Meagz Goodwin, everyone has their go to snacks for survival. For Giorgia, her essential snack for harvest is Beef jerky! When it comes to cellar music Giorgia is pretty chill. “I can jam out to anything really. Whatever gets the juices flowing (pun intended!).” Giorgia will be staying on in the Finger Lakes following harvest. She plans to continue learning about our region, gain more experience in the various beverage industries and see how all of it ties together. We wish her all the best, have enjoyed working with her and we hope to see her around the neighborhood! @giorgia.pop #flxwine See less — at Red Newt Cellars.

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