Stephen Miller Harvest Intern 2021 Stephen Miller joins the 2021 harvest crew from Byron Center, Michigan. Where’s that you ask? Byron Center is located in the western part of Michigan not to far from Grand Rapids. Prior to 2017, Stephen worked in quality control.

Since 2017, he has been making wine. He has worked harvests in Michigan, California and New Zealand. When asked why he chose to do an internship in the Finger Lakes, Stephen replied, “the Finger Lakes shares a similar cool climate to Michigan. Additionally, there are some similarities in style of production that I find intriguing.” As for a favorite varietal, Stephen finds Riesling completely enchanting! Riesling is not the easiest grape to grow, but it’s history spans centuries and its versatility is astounding. Riesling! – Infinite possibilities!

Each year several wineries participate in Secret Cellar. Think Secret Santa, only with loads of essential snacks and drinks to keep the crew working. Stephen very much enjoyed the Reeses peanut butter cups with Reese’s Pieces from our secret cellar package. Getting to control the music during harvest is rare. But, he says, “I do get a kick out of James’ Gailic Storm station.”

Each morning staff is greeted with Stephen’s happy and energetic, “Good Morning!” It’s infectious and makes you smile. What a joy and pleasure it has been getting to know Stephen and hear stories of winemaking from his travels.

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