A COVID-19 Reality

The Wine Industry’s worst nightmare

We all have smells that ground us and bring us home. For me, it was the smell of walking into my grandparents house right after Pops made the bread for the week. Or, knowing that fall has arrived because you come home to the smell of mom’s apple pie about to come out of the oven. Specific aromas that elicit cherished memories of the past. Our brains hold an entire database of smells associated with our experiences and memories. 

In the wine industry, we know that our sense of smell is as unique as our fingerprint. We know the entire world around us is a compilation of aromas and our exposure to, experiences and memories are all associated with some variety of these aromas. Wine industry professionals not only draw upon their experiences but will also train their sense of smell using a variety of methods to better understand the wines they taste and experience. 

Now imagine waking up one day to realize that your entire ability to smell has disappeared. This is a wine industry professional’s worst nightmare. Follow the link below to read Kelby’s story of how he lost his sense of smell and got it back.

Article from Beverage Industry Enthusiast

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