A Virtual Tasting!!

The ‘Whey-ward’ winemaker Part II

Join us for an evening where Winemakers and Cheesemakers taste and talk about wine and cheese, and why they go together so well! Lively Run Dairy and Red Newt Cellars are teaming up to bring you 4 selected wine and cheese pairings. The best part?! They’ll be doing it live so you can taste along with the teams as they discuss the pairings and the creative process behind the making of their products. 

If you’re interested in tasting along, simply visit Lively Run Dairy to order your cheese. Visit Red Newt Cellars to order your tadpole pack of wines, and use the special code GOAT to get your discount. Don’t forget, the cheese and the wine are sold separately, so be sure to get both! You’ll receive four 4oz portions of cheese and four 6oz portions of wine and you’ll be rewarding yourself by joining us February 26, 2021 at 5:30pm for a wine and cheese extravaganza!

Red Newt Tadpoles
Four Tadpoles that will be paired with Lively Run cheeses!

2013 Tango Oaks Riesling with Finger Lakes Gold Reserve

2017 KJR Rose with chèvre

2018 Cabernet Franc with Lake Effect Cheddar

NV Hellbender with Cayuga Blue

Cost: $33 plus shipping for Lively Run cheese, $50 for Red Newt wine including shipping or $35 for winery pick-up

Four Images of Lively Run Cheeses
The Cheeses!!! These are delicious!


Bottles Ready to be Shipped


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