A look at the Beginning of a New Year

We at Red Newt have spent a significant amount of time trying to decide what our customers’ needs are right now and how best to meet those needs. After much discussion we realized the message was actually quite simple. We understand and we are here

We understand that many do not feel comfortable going out or traveling right now. Winter is here, the world is out of sorts and we respect your desire to remain home, minimize travel and stay safe. We understand and will continue to ship wine and offer curbside pick up. 

For those who want a relaxing time out, however, we are here and will remain open 7 days a week from 12pm until 5pm. The stove is lit, the seated area is warm and cozy, and we’re pleased to continue offering light fare and our wines by the Tadpole. Stop by to enjoy a quiet afternoon at our socially distanced tables; we’ll be here to greet you with a warm smile and bring you our world class wines and service.

Tadpoles in the snow
We are offering Tadpoles of all of our wine during the winter.

Come Celebrate with us!

Saturday June 27th 2pm-6pm

Bottles Ready to be Shipped


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