How was the 2020 Harvest?

How was the vintage? Will it be a good one? Frequently, winery staff hear this question beginning in June, just as the fruit set has occurred for the vines. People become even more curious during harvest. Will the wines be any good? Truth is, we often can only comment on the growing season, the quality of the fruit at harvest and perhaps list a few challenges the vintage faced. More times than not, what the vintage will look like in the bottle and how it will taste remains a few years down the road. 

We have learned the hard way in this industry to never write a vintage off as being unworthy. More often than not,  several years later that same vintage comes into its own with additional cellaring time and evolves into a fantastic vintage. 

The article we are sharing with you here should answer as succinctly as possible any questions you may have regarding vintage 2020. The majority of the wines from the vintage are still in process. Many will not be bottled until late spring or summer – then we wait and see.

FLX Times Article – the 2020 Harvest

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