A Sparkling Wine!

Sekt is a German or Austrian sparkling wine. In fact, Germans consume more Sekt per person per year than the French do Champagne!

Production of this style of wine began 200 years ago after German winemakers returned from studying mèthode champenoise in Champagne, France. Winemakers used only the highest quality grapes (Pinot Noir, Champagne, Riesling, Traminer) to produce small batches of Sekt. After the devastation of the world wars producers turned to newer, high volume production methods to kick start the Sekt industry. They succeeded! Today, three Sekt houses in Germany produce more Sekt than all the producers of Champagne France. Unfortunately, this meant a reduction in quality for the sake of quantity produced. 

Today, several Sekt producers are returning to the more traditional methods of production focused on high quality small batch production. It is with this in mind that Red Newt Cellars began producing this  style of wine in 2015.


The 2020 Sekt grapes just arrived to begin their journey into wine. Stay tuned for more on Sekt!

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