A Wine Philosophy

The past few weeks it has been our pleasure to share the various facets of our story with you. So many of you have tuned into our Virtual Tastings, commented on our daily posts and supported us  in many ways. Today, we want to take a moment to show how our story is reflected in our philosophy of making wine.

Bottle of the Knoll in Vineyard
The Knoll

Recently, winemaker Kelby Russell explained our philosophy of wine production. He replied, “Red Newt’s winemaking philosophy has always placed vineyard expression first and foremost, particularly with grapes like Riesling that are so terroir expressive.  We are fortunate to have a remarkably beautiful and diverse set of vineyards to work with, and it has been a pleasure to make wines that show t hose distinctions.In recent years, I have looked to showcase the strength of our vineyards in producing richer, more textured styles of wine.”

This is why, on June 8th, 2020 at 5pm we will conduct a simulcast, from Lahoma Vineyards, across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Founding winemaker David Whiting, winemaker Kelby Russell, and assistant winemaker Meagz Goodwin will lead a “Walk n Talk in the Vineyard.” This is an opportunity to see the vineyard up close and personal, ask the questions you didn’t know you had about the land and the wines. Grab a glass and join us. Better yet, check out the event, and order the wines to taste right along with us! This will be an amazing treat – so we’ll see you in the vineyard next Monday at 5pm. 

Come Celebrate with us!

Saturday June 27th 2pm-6pm

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