Eric Hazlitt is Finger Lakes born and bred. He was born into a family of farmers that started working the Hector land in 1852. Eric is a 6th generation farmer, who grew up right on the farm learning the ins and outs of grape farming.  He graduated from Cobleskill College and returned to Hector to work the family farm. Eric Hazlitt with Jason and Erin

Eric and his team work hybrid and vinifera grape blocks. Their grapes have produced many quality bottles of wine for nearly two dozen different wineries through the years and decades. As a dedicated grape growing farm, their blocks of grapes have also produced numerous award winning Single Vineyard wines for the most prominent Finger Lakes Wineries. 

After years of working alongside his father Jim, Eric and his wife Tina now run the farm. Sawmill Creek Vineyards is still a family affair as both of Eric’s children also work full time on the farm. The next generation works hard every day learning to mesh tried and true practices with the new techniques of the industry. Eric Hazlitt

Do not worry though, it is not business all the time. Eric and his family are also Seneca Lake lovers. As much as they love the land they work with, they also revere the beauty of the lake. Eric and Tina seize every opportunity to be down by the lake or on the lake.  If it’s a nice day, get the work done, head to the lake, take a deep breath and exhale.  The best way to relax in Hector? Take a boat ride! Make it a family affair!

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