Lahoma Grower – Ken Fulkerson

Tied Vines at Lahoma Vineyard

Many of you have heard of Lahoma Vineyards. This vineyard produces the grapes that become Riesling ‘The Knoll,’ Riesling Lahoma and Riesling ‘The Big H.’ But, the majority of you probably know little to nothing about Lahoma Vineyard’s owner Ken Fulkerson. Ken, a Finger Lakes native, is the son of Harlan Fulkerson, a 6th generation farmer. He was raised in and around Dundee, NY and at one point lived in the farmhouse that is now Fulkerson’s Winery. Ken was born into a grape growing family and grew up in the business and on the farm. 

This didn’t stop him from doing other things. In 199, Ken entered the Air Force in telecommunications and remained in that field until he retired in 2017. Ken’s work in telecommunications did not stop him from establishing foundations at home. Ken has a 70 acre farm, with 40 acres currently in grape production and will expand that to 45 acres over the next two years. 

Ken says he is blessed on the Lahoma farm. The Lahoma Vineyard is not just unique because of well drained soils and its rolling knolls.  Every day, we put generations of experience and attention to detail into how we guide it.  The result is a pristine vineyard that delivers the highest quality fruit for the production of world class wines.

When asked when his favorite time of year is, he speaks of a time between the seasons. Once pruning is completed the vines must be tied. This can start as early as February and is completed no later than the end of April. Ken says, “Right after the grapes have been tied. They just have a clean look and you can give a little smile knowing you’re ready for spring to kick off.” 

The Finger Lakes is home for Ken. He loves the beauty of our region, the stunning state parks and all the outdoor activities available at each of them. More importantly, he loves the nature of the people of the Finger Lakes, they are generally kindhearted and friendly folks. 

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