Katie Goodwin – Wine Club/Customer Relations Director

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Our Story – Katie’s Story

Katie has been a part of the Red Newt team for well over a decade, wearing many hats she has worked in the Tasting Room, Bistro, kitchen, and the office.  

A US native she spent her formative years living overseas in Bavaria in the southeast corner of Germany.  After moving back to the states, she spent vacations with family in the Finger Lakes (ironically less than two miles from Red Newt Cellars).  After falling in love with the area her family made the decision to move to Seneca Lake. How many people can say that they got to move to the place that they love to vacation?

A hard-working goofball Katie has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.  After completing her degree in paralegal studies, she realized that office work excluded one of the rewarding aspects of her career path: working with people in an exciting and active way.  Katie joined the team at Red Newt in 2006 where she immediately fell in love with the people and the industry.  

If any of this story seems familiar to another member of the staff at Red Newt, it is!  Katie and Meagz are sisters, and it is probably a good thing they work in different parts of the business.  In reality, although Katie and Meagz work well together and are in fact family, the entire team at Red Newt has become an extended family.

When Katie is not at Red Newt she is home with her partner-in-life Tony, children Cordelia and Lewis, and furbaby Loki, spending time hiking, lake-side, at the stables, reading, dancing in the kitchen cooking and eating. 

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