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Music has always been a part of Red Newt culture. If you know a member of the Whiting family, then you know music. No gathering is complete without the sounds of banjo, piano, guitar, and fiddle. Music is in the Whiting blood and emanates from their creative souls. Their love of music is infectious to all around them and is embedded in the soul of Red Newt Cellars. 

 In the early days, morning visitors to Red Newt would hear music bellowing from the kitchen as the bread was made. Music would blast from the cellar on bottling days to keep everyone moving. Some nights the sounds of swing would echo through the bistro and dance lessons were offered.  On Thursday nights music from the bistro filled the air with tunes from local musicians. Thursday nights were dubbed “Acoustic Newt Nights” and local favorites including Rebecca Colleen and the Chore Lads, Maplewood Jazz, and the Yardvarks could be heard. “The Acoustic Newt” became a weekly tradition and local favorite. The Acoustic Newt program has evolved, but the love of music remains, in many new and wonderful ways. 

 Tune in next week for more on the current music program at Red Newt Cellars Winery and Bistro and read about Susan, co-owner of Red Newt Cellars, who has been instrumental in developing the current Red Newt music program! In the meantime, see if any of your local musicians are offering music via Facebook or IGTV and consider tipping them using a virtual tip jar! 

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