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You’ve probably met her. She’s a lean, mean, machine with a quirky and fun personality. You’d never forget her once you’ve met her. Fun orange glasses, and a passion for food and wine that is infectious. 

Meagz didn’t grow up in the Finger Lakes. Her mom was in the army and the family moved around A LOT when she was younger. Meagz didn’t even live in NY until she  started 10th grade of high school. Talk about culture shock. Meagz returned to the Finger Lakes after University in 2006. “It has always reminded me a little bit of Germany where I spent a good portion of my childhood years. Everything is green and lush in the spring and summer. Hiking in the woods has all the right smells. And of course, there is a body of water nearby. Lakes have always made me happy. Now as an adult, wine does too!”

Meagz came to Red Newt with a BS in both Biology and Math; winemaking pulls aspects of both degrees into the mix. She finds the balance of the physical and cerebral challenges of winemaking ideal. “I’m not designed to sit behind a desk all day. I’ll be like a 6 year old and start fidgeting and staring out the window. However, standing in the lab running tests on the wines/juice and scaling the barrel stacks for topping sounds like an ideal day to me.” Meagz finds the fast paced environment of harvest invigorating,  the slumber of the tanks during winter a welcome reprieve, and the ramping back up into summer with bottling a welcome push back into the busier side of life.

When she’s not working in the cellar, you’ll find Meagz outdoors with her dog Bandit and partner Ryan. But, wherever you run into Meagz, be sure to come with Scooby Snacks, preferably Haribo gummies. You see, Meagz does come with a warning label: “If there is a decrease in attitude and/or productivity – fuel levels are low! Warning: Feed immediately!”

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