New York Farm Days on Capitol Hill

In 2001, Senator Hillary Clinton gathered the Agricultural Economic Development Advisory Committee and asked them how to convince the Senate that New York State was a major agricultural state. The answer was to take New York’s agriculture to Washington, D.C. The first New York Farm Day was held on Capitol Hill in September of 2002. The most important part of this day was not just the winemakers and their wines or the chefs and their dishes, but also the farmers. By bringing farmers, producers, winemakers and chefs all together in one place, the event truly highlighted the diverse bounty of New York’s agriculture. 

The 2002 event was such a success, it continued for years, eventually with the backing of Senator Gillibrand.  The primary goal was not just to demonstrate the power of New York’s agricultural industry but to also influence agricultural legislation. As events of today have shown, agriculture in New York State at all levels is an imperative part of the New York economy and advocating for it is essential. 

Verjooz Curd mouse with raspberries

For many years Red Newt Cellars participated in this event. Our wines, and food from our bistro helped showcase the amazing farmers of New York! Some of you may also remember a dish that made an appearance on Capitol Hill. The Verjooz Curd Mouse, topped with fresh raspberries and a raspberry coulis was always a hit! We can’t wait for the berry season! 

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