Intern Profile – Grace Branding

Grace Branding Harvest Intern 2021 Grace Branding hails from Caro, Michigan, which is north of Detroit. She has worked as a server for fine dining restaurants and as a bartender. In December of 2020, Grace graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s degree in social justice and community organizing. Since graduating, Grace has decided to take time to experience seasonal work before focusing on a career more in line with her social justice background. Grace says, “When deciding which wine region I wanted to harvest in, the FLX became an obvious choice. I wanted to work somewhere where the wine was seriously good without the people taking themselves too seriously. I wanted to be a part of making great wine but I also wanted to be a part of a team that can have fun, joke around, and enjoy the process. The FLX community and the Red Newt team has been an amazing place for me to learn and develop my knowledge of wine without judgement, but with compassion and encouragement.” When asked about her favorite varietal, Grace says, “Sauvignon Blanc! The wine is always crisp, acidic and refreshing. Ahhhhh!” When asked about her staple harvest snacks, she has several. Grace enjoys Guara almonds, dark chocolate peanut butter cups from trader joes, and Labatt Blue Lights. Local Hectorites need not fear, we have also caught her with a PBR in her hand too! Here music choices? Well, either 90s rap stars – Will Smith, Outcast, Snoop Dogg OR some serious queens of rap – Lizzo, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stalion! Grace also used her server experience to help out on Saturdays, which we greatly appreciated! Guests loved her fun, passionate spirit and we are so glad she joined the team for harvest! @the.grace.lakes #flxwine See less — at Red Newt Cellars.

Intern Profile – Marc Mousky

Marc Mousky Harvest Intern 2021 Marc is New York City born and raised. Known as Mousky in the cellar, he is a proud New Yorker whose background includes work in the nonprofit sector and humanitarian assistance. Most recently, Marc worked wine & spirit retail, and enjoys being a DJ extraordinaire in his spare time. As a lover of cool climate, high acid wines, the decision to do a harvest internship in the Finger Lakes was a no brainer. When asked about his favorite variety and why, he couldn’t decide so, he chose one white and one red. He says, “Riesling for white, Syrah for red. Both are deliciously flavorful, food friendly, refreshing, ageworthy, and are capable of being made into diverse expressions.” Harvest is a physically demanding job, so when considering snacks for the day, everyone has their own strategy. For Marc, potassium is key. “Bring on the potassium!” Bananas, almonds and coconut water keep him going. No harvest is complete without plenty of music!! So, given the opportunity to control the music he enjoys listening to Techno, heavy metal, sea shanties (thanks James!), and Prince. Marc diversified his experience at Red Newt Cellars by also learning to be a wine steward upstairs in our front of house operation. Thank you for joining the harvest crew at Red Newt! We have enjoyed getting to know you! Mousky #flxwine See less

intern profile Giorgia P

Giorgia Popermhem Harvest Intern 2021 Giorgia hails from Brooklyn, New York. Academically, Giorgia’s background is Communications/Communication Design but for the past few years she’s been working in hospitality and wine retail. Those experiences piqued an interest in how wine was made. So, what to do next? She says, “I’d been wanting to work harvest for a while and figured why not show some love to my home state, which just so happens to have an awesome, up and coming wine region.” Riesling was Giorgia’s first true love. When she was younger, she would sit at her parent’s restaurant, and sample the Rieslings. Now I love it because it’s so versatile and can be made in a wide range of styles (also all the more reason to come to the FLX!). Harvest snacks are essential. Ask assistant winemaker Meagz Goodwin, everyone has their go to snacks for survival. For Giorgia, her essential snack for harvest is Beef jerky! When it comes to cellar music Giorgia is pretty chill. “I can jam out to anything really. Whatever gets the juices flowing (pun intended!).” Giorgia will be staying on in the Finger Lakes following harvest. She plans to continue learning about our region, gain more experience in the various beverage industries and see how all of it ties together. We wish her all the best, have enjoyed working with her and we hope to see her around the neighborhood! @giorgia.pop #flxwine See less — at Red Newt Cellars.