Red Newt Bistro re-opens for 2014

2014 is going to be an exciting year at Red Newt.· It includes a little bit of reinvention, a little bit of innovation, and a lot of great wine and food.

Red Newt co-founder David Whiting will be donning the toque in the kitchen for 2014 and will be rolling out a menu that is paced for today's times, but is a nod to the roots of Red Newt.· "I've been intimately involved with the culinary program behind the scenes for the past 20 years in the Bistro, and before that in our catering business," notes David.· "I am excited to be cooking, and leading the culinary program in the Bistro."·

In the dining room, seasonal and local fare will be available with the attentive food and wine service that Red Newt has become known for.· In addition, the full menu will be available at the new "Quick Serve" cafe, where one can grab a quick bite, a glass of wine, and enjoy the view from our winery deck.

Cheeses  12
artisanal cheeses with daily condiment and crostini

Meats   12
cured and prepared meats with whole-grain mustard and crostini

Trio of Spreads and Crostini  12
sun dried tomato and olive tapenade
spicy cheddar cheese spread
garbanzo sesame spread

Olives  4

Pickled Vegetables  4

Marcona Almonds  4

Cup of Crostini  4

Grilled Cheese Sandwich  8
NYS sharp cheddar, house made grilling bread
+ meatloaf  4
+ black bean patty  4
+ carrot ginger slaw  2
+ bacon 2

Tomato Soup  6
spicy tomato cream soup

Root and Cream Bake  6
roasted root vegetables with garlic cream and
asiago cheese

Black Bean Cakes  8
garlic-riesling-garbanzo sauce

Salad  10
kale, fennel, sunflower seeds, grated
parmesan, honey-verjus

Roasted Garlic Gnocchi  12
sausage, fennel, kale, roasted garlic cream sauce

Pasta  12
roasted vegetables, garlic-ginger-riesling
sauce, and parmesan

Starting May first...
Serving full menu 11am - 6pm Daily
Friday and Saturday until 8pm

Reservations available starting May 1st
Reserve Now

May 1st marks the beginning of our new hours:  Open Daily 11am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday until 8pm.


Red Newt Cellars Tasting Room

Red Newt Cellars is one of the Finger Lakes' preeminent Riesling producers.  Rieslings from our most popular "Circle" Riesling to a full lineup of single vineyard selections are produced at Red Newt.  Elegant wines of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris are also a focus.  In addition to these aromatic white wines, Red Newt produces a line of exquisite Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir wines from select vineyards in the Finger Lakes.

The Tasting Room at Red Newt provides a traditional “stand up” tasting of Red Newt Cellars current wine releases. Each day, featured wines are offered for tasting. Tastings are available on a walk-in basis for groups of up to 12.  Reservations are suggested for groups larger than eight.  Tasting 10-5pm daily (11-5pm Sundays)

Special accommodations are available for groups larger than 12 by reservation only : Please call 607-546-4100.


Red Newt- Life Changing Riesling

During a early breakfast with Dave Whiting, owner of Red newt, a conversation came up of creating up a new underwater shoot concept. Dave pondered the idea and after a few minutes he said " what about photographing our dry Riesling underwater, pouring bubbles instead of wine" The idea was born and we took off with it. We made phone calls for talent, hired our stylist and videographer for the creative stuff, rented gear for our end, the photography, made arrangements and set the date. Within 2 weeks we had pulled it all together. We could of taken more time but with colder weather bearing down it was go time. First day we arrived and tested and made some schedule adjustments. Day 2 was all day holding our breath, getting wet, and getting the shots. Now the images and video created will be turned into marketing pieces for Red Newt and promotional pieces for Onion Studio and Justin Bondi Productions.
A fantastic shoot and lots of creative fun.

Dylan Buyskes, Onion Studio

(Need Life Changing Riesling?)



Red Newt Cellars
Winery & Bistro
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